There are so many opinions out there on nutrition.  Everyone  has a different view as to what works best for weight loss, including me.  But what works for me, most likely won’t work for you, because of your life-style, your genetics , likes/dislikes and motivation.  Certainly variations of my plan would work,  but there’s probably no plan that will work  for everyone without some changes.

Dr. Oz has said that people who eat the same thing each day for breakfast, typically eat 100 calories less per day.  The Diamond’s (as in Fit for Life), say always eat fruit in the morning, and never with anything else.  The book ‘Skinny Bitch’ uses words we’re trying to ensure our grandson doesn’t learn, to warn about the dangers of soda, sugar, fast food and junk food – things we really know we shouldn’t have (but enjoy!).  Metagenics’ science-based nutraceuticals promote protein-rich diets with lots of vegetables, little to no grains and not much dairy, if any.

The latest ‘diet’ I’ve been interested in finding out about is ‘The Fast Metabolism’ Diet that has an i-phone app, but not one for my droid. Come on, droid…do you want me to stick with you?  This 28-day eating plan is curious to me because  a couple of the girls in my office have lost weight while doing it, and after two weeks are still enthusiastic.

The reason for this blog today, however, is my conversation with God this morning.  I told Him that dissatisfaction with my body is filling my mind these days – not because of any significant weight change.   I think it’s because I’ve not been following my own advice consistently and that I’m ready to jump on every new diet bandwagon that comes along.

I’m reminded of a conversation with an older lady years ago (I think she was the age I am now…) where she said freedom comes with discipline.  The conversation was about finances, but the principle can easily be transferred to lifestyle.  She said choosing not to buy everything she wanted and staying within their allotted budget constraints, allowed her family to save for vacations and emergencies.  With their savings, they were able to enjoy their vacations debt-free and not panic when unexpected expenses would come up.  In the same way, with a plan for healthy eating along with exercise (both of which would be considered ‘lifestyle disciplines’) our bodies respond allowing us the freedom to participate in activities we love.

No matter how hard we try, we couldn’t get up and run a marathon today.  Discipline – in that case – is a running schedule and eating plan that would allow us in time, to run a race  that we could not have run without the practice.  Discipline is saying no to something now, so we can have or do something later, that we want more. The discipline isn’t being able to fit into that little black dress or cute pair of shorts.  The discipline is the training: not eating unhealthy foods or drinking your calories, and exercising SO you can fit into your clothes comfortably again.

A healthy diet is one that consists of unlimited amounts of different vegetables – all the colors of the rainbow, limited fruits, healthy fats like those you get from nuts, avocado, olives and fish (to name only a few), lean proteins and complex grains.  Lots of cold, clear water keeps you hydrated, along with green tea which has healthy antioxidants.

Come up with a healthy plan that works best for you.  There are many to choose from!  It helps too, when your ‘feelings’ play with your thoughts, to write everything down so you can tell your feelings the facts!  If you need help,  check out my website and/or contact me.



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