Making Weight Loss Work for You.

Making Weight Loss Work for You.

Weight loss is such a huge term that comes with so many different connotations, both negative and positive, depending on your past experiences! Imagine taking the emotion out of the word and looking at the term “weight loss” as training.

Training for the event of LIFE.

It’s NOT the event of losing weight.

It’s choosing something you’ve not accomplished before and mastering it. Like drinking adequate amounts of water in a day, something you’ve struggled with. Or ensuring you have at least 4 colors of vegetables each day, in addition to the leafy green ones you’ve never really appreciated.
And when you’ve accomplished the goal of drinking water and experimenting with lots of colors of vegetables, you may want to conquer your dislike for exercise – all to be able to say you’ve accomplished something you never thought you would.
There’s a certain thrill in denying yourself something or having accomplished something difficult. It’s both an inner satisfaction as well as the thrill of others saying, “I could never do that.” It also takes a certain level of persistence to keep going when your mind and body are tired of the ‘fight’ to carry on.
With the right mindset, however, something inside you just takes over. You train your mind to be absolutely determined. It’s both for yourself and to prove yourself. You WILL LOSE WEIGHT and become healthy as a by-product of the new habits. And once you feel better, you will continue despite all odds!
Ann Rosen Spector, a psychologist in private practice in Philadelphia, says “the amount of training and determination it takes to meet a difficult goal also says something about one’s ability to go without short-term happiness in favor of long-term satisfaction”. She states that “extreme athletes often pass up hanging out with friends and relaxing in favor of training because their goal outweighs their need for immediate pleasure”.
For example, if you’ve stated that your goal is to consume ‘no sugar and no flour’ as I have for this next year (to September 23, 2014), I will pass on the immediate pleasure of Monster Cookies at Halloween, Pumpkin Pie at Thanksgiving, Breakfast Pizza on Christmas Morning, along with any and all Christmas cookies, in favor of sticking to and accomplishing my very public commitment, my goal of no sugar, no wheat for one year. See my video blog at:

Making weight loss work for you in this way, then, doesn’t focus on the number on the scale that you hope to reach some day. It’s a series of performance goals that are focused on the process of lifestyle change rather than the outcome!
Schedule an appointment with Elfie Klassen, certified life coach, if you’d like some help in determining some lifestyle goals!

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