Beware of those HIDDEN sugars!

Beware of those HIDDEN sugars!

A couple of weeks ago I made “Borscht” for dinner.  It’s a recipe of my mom’s and her mom before her. Our version of Borscht starts with a stock made with smoked ham bone and spices, and then potatoes, carrots & cabbage, finished with a can or two of canned Tomato soup.  I’m not sure my grandma used the canned tomato soup, though she could have.   The Soup Company I’m thinking of has been canning soups since 1869!  (according to Wikipedia)

Anyway, I made two kinds of homemade soup that night – the other one was a version of PF Chang’s spicy Chicken Soup which I love and ate that night.  Because I made two soups, I didn’t try the Borscht until a few days later.  And it was great!  One of the best batches in a very long time! (My husband is convinced that as it ‘ages’, it gets better!)

I made chili last week (can you tell it’s Fall?):  Hamburger, onions, celery, spices, assorted beans, a can of pork and beans (which I didn’t add because of the sugar) and a can of Tomato soup.   Since I had checked the label on the pork and beans, I also looked at the Tomato soup and found that not only did it have sugar in it, but even worse: it was high-fructose corn syrup!

And then I remembered the bowl of Borscht that I had eaten the week before – during my “no sugar/no flour/mostly no corn” experiment.  And I knew I had to tell you about it.  Would I be able to recoup from what I felt was a significant loss?  Would I be able to recover from the fact that I had erred, albeit unwittingly?

Absolutely!  Because I know this:

There are times in every learning/training experience that mistakes will be made.  I won’t be perfect.  (much as I want to be…)  Nor will you be perfect.  The lesson for me in this case, is to check labels more carefully.  Your lessons will probably be different.  No less significant, however.

I’ve been learning another lesson… some things are better left alone.  Like favorite family recipes that only get served once or twice per year.  I may have a revolt on my hands in a couple of weeks if I mess with the Thanksgiving Pies with their flaky homemade crusts, or the gravy, like I did for Canadian Thanksgiving!  I can’t bear to look into the disillusioned eyes of my family when they realize that I’ve tampered with “tradition”.

But I’m realizing something else.   As I get further into this experiment, I’m OK with not having decadent desserts or tortilla chips.  Well, maybe I’m not OK without tortilla chips yet…  Mostly though, I’m excited about the changes I’ve made these past 50 days.  Even though I’ve learned that I’m STILL not perfect!

And so, I remain on this journey!  Somewhat disappointed about the mistake with the high-fructose corn syrup, but not willing to throw in the towel!!

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