The Most Difficult Thing…

The Most Difficult Thing…

Yesterday I met my sister at our “place” – a coffee shop halfway between our homes.  She asked what the hardest thing about ‘no sugar, no flour and mostly no corn’ was for me.  At the time, I was pretty confident and couldn’t think of anything difficult enough for me to even consider taking a taste of ‘contraband’.

What I said was that it wasn’t that difficult because the decision had already been made ahead of time.  That the most difficult time had been the 5 days between September 23rd and September 28th when I was trying to decide whether I would go for the challenge or not.  And for the most part, that’s been the case!

Until last night.  I was making granola bars for my family and some friends coming over later today.  I could have made the healthy 5 ingredient version I saw on-line, using dates as a sweetener with oats and almonds, peanut butter and honey, and not baking them at all, just pressing them into the pan.   I haven’t even used honey, so I knew I wouldn’t eat them and wasn’t sure whether the friends would like them.   I knew my family wouldn’t!

I made normal granola bars – with a few changes, since I couldn’t find the original recipe and was trying to make them from memory.  Oats, butter, honey, brown sugar, almonds, peanut butter and chocolate.  Mixed together, pressed into a pan and baked until golden brown in the oven.

It was hard to resist those ingredients.  VERY hard. They’re favorites individually, but put together?  Mmmm.  Yummm.  The peanut butter and honey could have been heated more and to get a good mixture, I had to use my hands.  (Yes, my hands were clean.)  But what I USED to do when I finished mixing cookie dough was lick it off my fingers on my way to the sink to wash them.  But I didn’t yesterday, though I truly was tempted!!!

And I was reminded of my sister’s question.  What has been the hardest?

Today I would say not being able to taste things that I make, to ensure that they rise to my high standards.  Because I am a food snob.  Food must look tempting, appealing and delicious first.  And then, when tasted, it had BETTER taste as good as it looks.

So that’s it. The most difficult thing of this experiment: not being able to taste all of the foods I make.  But you know what?  That’s also one of the biggest downfalls for cooks trying to lose weight.  We bite, lick and taste our way into larger sizes of clothes.  I thought I ate pretty healthy prior to this ‘no sugar, no flour and mostly no corn’ experiment.  If I’ve lost 11 pounds in 2 months, (which I have) I obviously wasn’t eating that well!

I’m learning to trust the people I ask when they taste my creations.  My food-making confidence has taken a hit, but I feel so healthy and energetic, it’s a small price to pay!

My son-in-law and daughter tasted the granola bars.  They were too sweet for Tim, but perfect for Katy.  We’ll see what happens tonight with our friends…

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