Stay Strong!

We’re into the New Year and New Year’s Resolutions or Goals for 2014.  For some, it’s already getting difficult; for others, they’ve only just begun and are still inspired and strong.

What keeps the passion for a goal from getting stale?  And what keeps one person strong while the other caves in to temptation?

Let’s use my “No Sugar/No Flour and mostly No Corn Project” as an example.  I’m still passionate for reaching the goal of abstaining from sugar/flour and corn for one year, til September 23, 2014.  But here’s a difference… in the beginning, I would not have touched anything that had gravy on it because of the flour.  The other day at an outdoor bar, however, I scraped the gravy off a few fries and cheese curds from the Poutine* my son had ordered.   Is this the beginning of a downward spiral to where I could allow this project to quietly fizzle and move to something else that’s not so difficult?  Has this become so hum-drum and stale because I’m used to the energy I have now?   Am I taking fitting into the smaller pants for granted?  Or do I just want to taste certain things that I haven’t had for 3 ½ months?

Here’s what I think:  If I continue to think about the “want” without thinking about the goal and the reason for the goal, the temptation will grow to the point where eventually I will be able to justify caving in to my desire.  I need to continually re-evaluate my thoughts and actions.  That takes TIME.  Time to reflect on what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, and if my actions are compatible with my goal.

In this case, my actions were NOT compatible with my goal.  Sure, I got rid of the flour, so I haven’t ‘wrecked’ the project.  But my over-arching goal is to be HEALTHY!  And fries with cheese curds don’t fit into that healthy category.  I want my body to have a great metabolism, so I want to fuel it with things that won’t cause my insulin production to spike and then crash, calling for more insulin.

In addition to taking time to think about what I’m doing, what helps me stay passionate about this project?  Because one year, in the moment, can seem really long!

#1.  I have told so many people what I’m doing.  Not necessarily that they care so much and will be disappointed if I don’t make it. But because I’ve said it, I HAVE to keep doing it!  One of my values is honesty, so I have chosen to let you know if or when, I start sliding down the slippery slope of not caring as much or if I’ve messed up.  Just by doing that, I am re-inspired to do better… to be a good role model.

#2.  I have surrounded myself with other like-minded people sharing ideas and ways that they push through the hard times.   Sometimes they share how they’ve stumbled, picked themselves up, dusted off and are continuing on the journey.  And we all cheer for them.  That inspires me.

To know that others are struggling with this journey called life and are making it through is inspirational!  We don’t have to be perfect.  We need to just keep trying!


*Poutine is a common Canadian dish, originally from Quebec, made with french fries, topped with a light brown gravy-like sauce and cheese curds.

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  1. stefanie says:

    Love this Elfie! Knowing you’re sharing the journey and learning with others is really comforting!

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