Oh no, I wrecked it!

Oh no, I wrecked it!

I was holding a half-eaten ciabatta roll in my hand only to realize that I had just consumed part of a roast beef and cheese Panini with spicy brown mustard, and was about to take another bite.

How could I just have eaten it and not been aware?  What was I thinking?  Obviously, not much!  The disappointment at not reaching my goal of 1 year without Wheat, Sugar and mostly no Corn was huge.  How does one ‘accidentally’ eat something?   Especially something so crunchy, yet soft, crisp, yet creamy; all at the same time?  How does someone miss that?

And how would I tell all of the people that I’ve told about my project, that I didn’t succeed?  That somehow, I had unknowingly eaten a sandwich?  Underneath it all, I know that people are curious about my project, but they really don’t care that much if I succeed!  But I do!

The disappointment was huge. I can still feel it.  That sinking feeling like when you’ve been caught with your hand in the cookie jar.  Hot and sweaty.

And then I woke up.  Heart racing.  Disoriented. Relieved. Thankful that after 4 months, my “No Wheat (flour), No Sugar, and mostly No Corn” Project is still intact!

You may be wondering what I DO eat.  I love my vegetables!  I focus on getting 7 – 9 vegetables per day.  That means I start with vegetables for breakfast in a smoothie and one scoop of high quality protein.  For lunch, I either have protein on a big salad, or leftovers from the night before.  Dinners are protein with roasted vegetables or another meal focusing on vegetables.  There are snacks in between that consist of 1 oz of nuts, a fruit, vegetables, hot-air popcorn and on occasion, 90% dark chocolate.

Yesterday, we had chicken vegetable soup and the rest of the family had ciabatta roll Panini’s. And I really had wanted to taste them!

But really,  the memory of last night’s disappointment is enough to keep me on the straight and narrow! Four months and going strong!

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