When New becomes Ordinary

When New becomes Ordinary

When I get used to something, it just becomes ordinary.  I’m not as focused on it, I don’t take as much care when using it, and I don’t clean it quite as much.  Because it’s not new anymore!

I remember when we bought our first house… it had that new carpet and paint smell – until I burnt a roast in the oven so badly that it permeated the very core of the fibers in the carpet!  Although, it may be that the fibers of the carpet were ruined by the cleaning solution we used to get the red lipstick my 1½ year old had colored with, from our guest’s purse she had left at the front door. Or the new Toyota Corolla Sport – shiny and black with sporty wheels… until that first drive down to Ikea when someone shoved a cart into the driver’s door and someone else backed out a little too close to the back quarter panel.  And then it wasn’t new anymore.

I find that is how it is with most everything!  Jobs… Relationships… Marriage…  At first, we’re on our very best behavior and then we get used to the routine.  And somehow, little things that didn’t bother us before, because it was so new, start to irritate and we just don’t try so hard anymore.

Or take, for example, my “No Sugar, No Flour, and Mostly no Corn Project”.  It’s become ordinary.  I don’t talk about it as much as when it was new and fresh.  I am not as careful at reading labels as I was in the beginning when it was new and fresh – after-all, I really do know what ingredients are in what.  That’s what I SAY.  But what my secret thoughts are rationalizing:

“What I don’t know won’t hurt me…  If I don’t KNOW that there’s sugar in a particular sauce, I don’t have to avoid it.  And if I don’t read the label, I don’t have to blog about it to confess and therefore I won’t have to change. Because I WANT that!”

And all that happens in a split second.

Our brains are so good at this!  The very thing that helps us make changes, becomes the very thing that sabotages us!

So… how does one keep ‘new’ from becoming ‘ordinary’?

There are a few things we can do:

Be thankful for everything… things you have, things you are able to do and relationships you’re part of.  We take better care of what we’re thankful for!

Remember what you loved about “it” when it was new, whether it be the house, car, job, friend, etc…

Be aware of when you begin to rationalize.  Journal, if necessary, when you notice that it’s becoming more difficult (like in my case) to find satisfying snacks – other than processed junk foods that “fit” into the rules…

Go back to the basics.  If you’ve stopped writing things down because you’re basically eating the same thing each day, start again.  You may find little things that are finding their way through those lips on your face that you’re not aware of.  Or, ensure that you’re drinking 64 oz of water as a minimum. Or  do whatever helped you most, when your healthy diet was new.

I LOVE the way I feel when I’m focusing on healthy vegetables, fresh, clean water and hormone-free chicken, beef, eggs and fish.  When I want something I shouldn’t have – whether it be within my healthy parameters or not – I am THANKFUL for the energy I have, I REMEMBER how hard I had to fight each day not to eat “bad” stuff, and I remind myself that I never want to go back there again!

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