I’m just past the 6 month mark!

I’ve been thinking about statements I’ve heard as I meet with clients using the word ‘just’.  Often, it’s right before the explanation for the lack of weight loss, or as a reason for reverting to old habits.

I  just had a little bite…

I just couldn’t stop thinking about it… so I gave in to the temptation.

I thought if I just tasted it, my craving would go away…

Since I noticed it with my clients, I’ve been monitoring my use of the word as well.  Usually it’s when I’m trying to justify something. A ‘forbidden’ food, or a late arrival, or why I arrived somewhere not all put together.   Almost as an excuse to make it OK.

Today, as I’m writing this blog, I’ve been thinking about my 6-month journey without Flour & Sugar & mostly no Corn.  (Did you ever think this day would come???) I haven’t had issues with not having flour & sugar (other than wanting it…), but the corn… the Corn…  You see, I left myself with an opening so I could have popcorn (popped healthfully, of course).  But that left me with the corn chips which, if you watched any of my earlier video blogs, had become a big stumbling block.  For MONTHS, I didn’t have any corn chips.  And then, just this last month, I had a few.  Just not on a day when having popcorn.  Or just as part of a meal.

Can you hear the reasons for how I made it OK?

I do that with nuts too.  Each tasty type has its own health benefits, and all are packed with fiber, protein, antioxidants, and a variety of vitamins and minerals.    But the problem is that I just can’t stop with just one ounce of those delectable, crunchy, salty morsels.  I find myself going to the pantry and opening the container while hearing the words inside my head:  “I’ll JUST have a few, while I wait for dinner.”  Or, “I’ll JUST have a few more because they really are good for me.” Or, “I’ll JUST…” and you can pretty much add anything…

The problem is, I can’t just take all the foods away that I have trouble controlling.  I need to learn to notice when I’m justifying my actions.  It’s important not to judge myself as a bad person when I notice things about myself, but it IS important to evaluate what’s driving me to justify my actions. That’s the first step.

The second thing is to know why I’m doing what I’m doing…  My reason for choosing healthy options has to be big enough to keep me from going to the pantry over and again, for corn chips, potato chips, dark chocolate, nuts, or even popcorn!  All of those aren’t included in my “No Sugar & No Flour & mostly no Corn” project, but without restraint, each one can derail an otherwise healthy food plan.

So why am I doing this?  It started as an experiment to prove to my clients that eliminating Sugar and Flour through holidays and birthdays was possible.  But now that I’m half-way into this project, I’m realizing that I’ve gained far more than anything I could ever prove.  I’ve learned that while we are all created individually and no one thing works for every person, we are more alike than we care to admit.  Humans need each other – we’re not created to do life alone, even the introverts among us need people.  And I need you.  If I hadn’t so publically announced this project, I would have stopped months ago!

So, I’ll carry on with my No Sugar & No Flour and mostly No Corn project.  I will continue to notice when I use the word ‘just’, and in which context I’m using it!

And, I will not be eating any more of those corn chips…

Call me if you need help with your ‘project’; whether you’ve started something and are having trouble finishing, or you need help figuring out how to get where you want to be!

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  1. Teffanie says:

    Absolutely LOVE this blog! Thank you for positive motivation!

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