What if ….?

I’ve been thinking about September 23, 2014. A lot. So why am I thinking about a day that’s still 5 months away?
Because that’s the day it will be 1 year without sugar and flour and mostly no corn. The last day of my project to prove it can be done. No sugar and no flour for a whole year!!!

So what’s the problem, right? I should be celebrating that I’ve made it 7 months and only have 5 short months to go! When I can have my cake and eat it too! Or a piece of toast with peanut butter and jelly. Or ice cream!

But I’m afraid!

I’m afraid that without my “non-negotiable rules” in place, I’m either going to go hog-wild and eat everything I’m suddenly “allowed” to eat. And I’m afraid that I’m going to lose the energy that I’ve had if I’m no longer nourishing my body in a healthy way.  And I’m afraid that if I eat everything that I’ve fantasized about, I’m going to gain way more than the 12 pounds I lost!

That’s a lot of fear for something that’s still 5 months away.

I don’t think I’m the only one that borrows worries/fears from tomorrow. Your worries may be more significant than mine, like a procedure you have to have at the hospital, or fear of losing your job because of company down-sizing, or losing your home to foreclosure.

And while we know that worry doesn’t help, we can’t help being “overly concerned”.  From past history though,  even if the bad things we’ve imagine have happened, we’ve gotten through them. Often stronger than before. But our emotions often over-rule our intellect.

Here is what I know from past experience: I know that when I get to September 23, 2014, I will set up new “non-negotiables” to move forward in a healthy way. Just like you can prepare for the future in a healthy way with your own set of non-negotiables.  So you don’t have to fight with the negative self-talk in your head…

I’m choosing today not to borrow troubles from tomorrow- or 5 months from now! There’s no way I can anticipate what will happen, and neither can you!  So here’s to living a care-free life – day by day!!!

Call or email me if you need help in thinking of ways you too, can live free of cares.

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