When Normal doesn’t feel Normal

When Normal doesn’t feel Normal

I just came back from a week in Calgary, Canada.  Though it wasn’t a vacation, it was certainly a change of pace and I enjoyed my time away.  Now that I’m back though, today I feel kind of misplaced, like going from a super busy, exciting schedule back to ordinary.  And somehow, ordinary doesn’t seem normal, anymore.

And when normal doesn’t feel normal, it’s easy to slip back into default mode when it comes to healthy habits.  Reasons not to participate in activities that prior to vacation or the change in schedule were ‘non-negotiables’.  Like for me:  I have been back from Calgary for 5 days and haven’t gone hiking once.  Before,  I went hiking at least 2 -3 times during this same time period and that would have been non-negotiable.  And yes – there have been extenuating circumstances, like a super busy schedule at work and painting at my daughter’s new home along with her move from my house to hers.

Or when ‘normal doesn’t feel normal’, it’s easy to want to fall back into old habits– like stopping in at a fast food restaurant on the way home just to pick something up rather than having to cook, or using a big bowl of ice cream as a reward for making it through the day.  NO – I did NOT do that!  But it took strong determination to choose to shop for healthy vegetables and proteins when there wasn’t anything in the house to eat.  And yes, I did go to Chipotle after my first day back at work – for a healthy salad without sour cream, cheese and corn.

I think it’s important to allow for quiet days in our lives, but also to continue to do the things that give life.  I did go for a walk yesterday morning to enjoy my neighborhood.  I’ve been cleaning and organizing an emptier house.  And I have had my fresh vegetable shakes with mint and vanilla protein every day except Saturday when I had leftover grilled vegetables with eggs.

I’ve been gentle with myself as I’ve adjusted to being at home – and becoming an empty-nester again! But I’m ready to get back to normal…my ‘new’ normal!  Where I will continue with the habits I started 8 months ago:

No Sugar/No Flour and Mostly no Corn.

Focus on 7 – 9 vegetables per day.

Drink at least 75 oz of water per day.

Be active every day.

And you know what?  I realize that I’ve reached each of those goals every day! So even though I may FEEL out of sorts, those are only feelings!  And those feelings aren’t the truth.  I choose to focus on the facts and the cheerful feelings will follow even when ‘normal doesn’t feel normal’.

2 Responses to “When Normal doesn’t feel Normal”

  1. Stefanie says:

    Needed to hear that Elfie! I’ve been feeling weak lately and this reminded me that they are Non-negotiables! Thanks for being a great role model and motivator!!

  2. Kim says:

    Love your blog and love who you are. We need some more Elf Bites please. Love the drizzled ones.
    Congratulations on your 2nd grandson!

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