Setting the goal…

I’ve decided!!! I am going to train for the Copper Hills 4 Peak Challenge! It’s been an arduous process. I’ve had opinions from runners, who all think I can do it, because they love running so much. I haven’t loved running…

I’ve been told I should only train IF I have a burning desire for running to be my goal. To blog about training to help people realize they they too, can train for a goal like this – in particular the Copper Hills 4 Peak Challenge – doesn’t rise to the level of a real goal. I guess this isn’t a real goal…

But you know what? Whether I WANT to run a long distance or not…whether I WANT to be able to run hills isn’t the point. I DO want to do something that I’ve never been able to do before. I DO want to accomplish something hard.

This will be hard for me. I’ve never done this before. The most I’ve ever run is 10 kilometers – back in the day when we still lived in Canada and measured in metric. I was in my 30’s. What I have now that I didn’t have then, is experience…history… I’ve been through some really hard things and I’ve survived! So, I know when I put my mind to this I can do it.

Along with my strong mind, I need the following:

A Coach – to help me train smarter, not harder. I’ve hired Jan Howard of Howard Performance to help me get to the Copper Hills 4 Peak Challenge!

Hiking shoes and running shoes – so I can train on the hills with the right footwear. I was measured for running shoes at Tortoise and Hare Sports. They took a video of how I walked/ran to ensure I go the right shoe for my gait. I also have a pair of Merrell hiking shoes Brad (my husband) recently purchased for me!

A heart rate monitor – to track both my distance, elevation and heart rate to report back to my coach. A friend supplied me with her heart rate watch she no longer uses (she’s move on to newer technology).

Now all I need to do is learn the technology to report to my coach what I’m doing, and how I’m doing it. The learning curve is steep right now.

But I can do this! Stay tuned as I start my training schedule and thanks for following along with me!

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