One Day or Day One…

I got my first instructions from my coach (Jan from Howard Performance). Day 1: Hiking with elevation gain, for one hour. The instructions: “Don’t worry too much about heart rate on this one; Just aim for some steady hiking with good climbs.” This is really happening! I’m actually in training!

For the last 6 years I’ve hiked with hiking poles. When I first got them, it was awkward. Both using them and having other people see me using them. Not only were they extra appendages that would get in the way, but people would ask me where the snow was. Nevertheless, I was determined to use them. Why? Because my first grandchild was on the way I didn’t want him to play with the flaps of skin on the back of my arms like I had with my grandma. Also, I had read that hiking with poles gave one a 40 – 60% greater workout, allowing the user to hike longer and harder without so much stress on the back and knees.

I had told Jan that I would probably use my poles when I ran so they could help me the hills like I was used to. Plus, when I use the poles I don’t get swelling in my fingers! She was doubtful, but willing to let me try. (I think she recognizes a stubborn girl when she sees one…)

…So…I’m not going to use the poles unless I’m ONLY hiking. Did you know running and hiking poles don’t work so well? Well, they didn’t for me. I don’t even know how it happened. One second I was running on a flat section – before I even had reached the actual elevation gains – the next second I was on the ground tangled in my poles.

I finished my hike – scraped and bleeding. Day 1? Done.

Distance – 3.9 miles
Pace – 18:09 min/mi
Time – 1:10:31

Tomorrow – Recovery Run – 3 miles

How can she call it “Recovery” when I have to run? With my poor scraped knee?

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