Geared Up…

My first week of training is done! And tomorrow is a REST DAY!!! It’s been a week of experimenting and learning! Not only have I had to get up and out the door by 5:30 a.m. to get my workouts in before it gets too hot, I’ve had to be ‘technically – minded’. Something I don’t really have an interest in…

I received two different ‘activity’ watches from two different friends so I didn’t have to spend money on electronics that might not work for me.

The first was a Pebble watch; FitBit purchased them a while back and while there is still a lot of information online they are not adding new updates. I loved the built-in heart rate monitor, and how it was so easy to use. But it didn’t upload information to the Final Surge program, the system my coach uses to monitor my workouts.

The second watch was a Garmin Vivoactive. Once I learned which buttons to push and when to touch the face of the watch, it really is quite simple. But I also needed a heart rate monitor which I ordered online for just over $20. I’ve had it now for two days. The first day there were ‘technical difficulties’ (user error). Today, everything worked! I have a heart rate (very fast!) when I run (very slow…).

Average Pace – 12:58 min/mi
Temperature – 102 F

I’m only telling you my embarrassing statistics so you’ll see the improvement by November. At least I HOPE we’ll all see improvement by November…

I’d love to hear what gear you use to track your runs / hikes! Comment below with any suggestions!

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