Recovery Run…

I think I’ve learned what a ‘recovery-run’ is. It’s when you learn to run the day after a difficult workout session, without letting your heart rate climb to a crazy high level. Today was my first ‘4 miler’ of jogging. It was a recovery-run. I kept my heart rate below 165 (at the peak) and averaged 143 beats per minute. That’s just above the aerobic stage, but less than intervals which can bring me up to my maximum heart rate.

The whole point is to learn to keep my heart rate down, despite being tired. It will also teach me how it
feels to keep my heart rate down on race day, because I don’t want to burn all my energy on the first hill! I was SO PROUD of myself and how consistent my jog/walk was. I felt so accomplished of being in ‘recovery zone’ until I read the comments from my coach:

“Please try not to get anywhere NEAR zone 4 right now. It has no place in your recovery training. Unless you are hiking uphill and can’t avoid it other than stopping. These recovery runs should be Zone 1, *maybe* dipping into Zone 2… I know it seems super slow and tedious right now, but every time you let the HR climb to those higher intensities, it will delay development of the aerobic endurance, which is CORNERSTONE to your training!”

Apparently, my recovery run was NO WHERE NEAR recovery! I was beyond Zone 5 at 165 bpm and averaged in Zone 3.

I’m thinking how, in many ways, this training is like life. I don’t want to learn ‘slow’. But it’s in learning
the details and understanding the reasons why we need to do what we need to do. Like lifestyle change.
If we know what the driving factor is behind changing life-long bad habits, we’ll be more willing to make
those hard changes. We still have a choice to make, but the more we do the right thing, the more we’ll
be reminded to do the right thing. Eventually it will be easier!

And that is what is happening with my training. Yes, it’s hard. But working at something hard and seeing
improvement in small details, gives me the courage to go on. I was reminded of a Bible verse in Proverbs that fits with this. “Above all else, guard your heart. For everything you do flows from it.” Proverbs 4:23

I’m have to make sure my heart is good to run. It’s drives everything I do. How I train. How I live. Because if I don’t, I won’t be able to run my race!

I want to train well… live well, and love well!

Thanks for following along with my journey! Have any of you had experience with recovery runs? I’d love to hear your comments below!

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