Free to run? Or not…

Friday felt like a ‘free’ day! Free to hike without worrying about Heart Rate (HR)… free to run when it was safe ( I was hiking West Wing Mountain and the recent monsoons have left it even rockier than normal), and free to imagine being able to RUN all four hills in November at the Copper Hills 4 Peak Challenge!

I submitted my workout data to the Final Surge program; it’s pretty seamless with my Garmin Watch and Heart Rate Monitor! I haven’t figured out if I’m actually doing anything, or if it’s doing it all my itself. All I care is that Jan, my coach, receives it and lets me know if I’m doing the right thing or where I need to focus.

After Friday’s workout, she told me that seeing my heart rate data reinforced the importance of keeping things in check the next day for my aerobic run. “Remember”, she said, “the hard/easy rule, always back up higher intensity with rest or active recovery days.” And then she complimented me on my workout! Don’t you LOVE that?!

When Saturday came around, I was ready for my ‘active recovery run’. I walked the first 10 minutes to warm up and then sped up to a vigorous speed walk. I got to about 2.5 on my HR scale and it stayed there so I figured I was ready to run.

My heart rate continues to betray me! I was determined to obey my coach and not allow my heart rate to climb above 143, which was the upper limit of the aerobic level. But every time I started to jog, which BTW, is WAY easier than speed walking, my HR jumped. So, as I speed walked, I wondered whether I should push it, because I wanted a better time on my pace, or would I trust the process…

I was reminded of what I tell my clients who want to lose weight. “Weight loss is NOT the goal”, I tell them. The goal is to learn and celebrate new habits for the new lifestyle that will last for the rest of their life. Weight loss will be a side-effect of good, healthy habits.

That’s what we have been learning at my church too. The goal is not to be a nicer person, or get angry less often or not cheat in life. The goal is to get to know God and learn new habits that bring us in contact with Him more often, like solitude, reading the Bible and talking to Him. The side effects of spending time with God is that we will automatically be nicer to people, get angry less often and notice when we are about to cheat.

Tomorrow is a hike day again, but I need to keep my HR in aerobic intensity (below 143) on the down hills. It’s OK to let it climb when hiking uphill, but I have to keep it in check on the way down, and on the flats.

I choose to ‘trust the process’.  AGAIN.

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