4 Weeks Today…

Today marks 4 weeks since starting training. Actually, I started with a hike on Friday, June 30, when I had my ‘glorious fall’…

I’ve learned – during these 4 weeks, not to rely on my poles AND my knee has healed with only minimal scarring.

I’ve learned a lot more than how to hike without poles, while adding miles to my days. The biggest thing I’ve learned is how to ENJOY the journey AND trust the process at the same time. At first when I started ‘training’, I didn’t understand how it worked to train with my heart rate as the driving factor. I’d always thought training meant to work as hard as possible, get a better time than the day before and if it didn’t hurt it didn’t count!! I forced myself to run 100 steps and then I ‘let’ myself walk. The goal was always to get a better time for my mile by running as much as I possibly could. I hated running because it was SO HARD!

Now, I look forward to seeing what’s on my phone each morning for how I’m going to train. I know that there’s a plan that Jan (my coach) has for me and all I have to do is follow it each day. I LOVE getting up each morning (mostly) to work the plan. Sometimes I get to run on the hills without worrying about heart rate (and it really gets up there!)! Other days, like today, I have to stay in ‘Zone 1’ which is staying under 125 beats per minute and I’m itching to run, but I’m in ‘recovery’. Sometimes the process seems painfully slow.

Four weeks ago, though, the thought of running all 4 peaks here in Peoria terrified me! Today, I believe I will be able to do it! And not only survive the run, but maybe even thrive! In the meantime, there are hills to climb and paths to jog.

Part of enjoying the journey is to take time to notice things – even if it means stopping to take a picture of the sky or try to get a decent ‘selfie’ (which I’m REALLY bad at…).

Life is about the journey, not the destination. Yes that’s a cliché but if we were to wrap our heads around that concept, there would be many happier people!

Today the sky was beautiful… cloudy, with the sun breaking through the clouds in amazing rays. I noticed a saguaro with ‘broken arms’ and wondered how it broke…

I noticed the birds that flapped their wings like crazy to get where they wanted to go and those that soared with the air currents.

I’m learning to soar!

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