My heart rate…

On my one month ‘training anniversary’, I received a gift from my coach. New zones for my heart rate!! I guess the first month reassured her that I wouldn’t die of a stroke or heart attack because my heart rate would zoom all the way to 220… or even much beyond 180! So now I am able to work a little harder during recovery, or even aerobic and interval training!

I used this to full advantage on my first day of intervals! Maybe too much? My comments from Jan regarding the uphill: “I’d really like you to make sure you are power hiking the ascents and not running those. These power hikes will really work those climbing muscles and make you a better RUNNER too!”

Seriously. She could tell that I was trying to run up hill too? Just by my heart rate?

I’ve been ‘off’ for two days. Not fun! But these ‘off’ days were planned into my schedule because I needed my hormones. Hormones? Little couriers that travel around our bodies delivering messages about metabolism, body temperature, moods and even stress levels!

Ask Brad. My husband. He’ll tell you I need them.

Dr. Kristine Sarna (my boss, and 3-time 4 Peak Challenge sponsor) at Paradise Wellness has done Bio-Identical Hormones for many years. Within the last 2 years, however, we’ve been trained by BioTE to do hormone pellets. These are “body-identical” pellets to replace hormones that have been depleted because of age and/or toxins, whether they be from the environment or from our diet.

Anyways. I was ‘re-pelleted’ on Tuesday, which means for me, 72 hours of rest so the pellets don’t extrude.

Friday will be my first day to test my new heart rate without running UP the hills, and seeing how I recover on the down hills and flats. I can’t WAIT!

My new Heart Rates:
Zone 1 (Recovery) 120 – 136
Zone 2 (Aerobic) 136 – 147
Zone 3 (Base Steady State) 148 – 153
Zone 4 ( Tempo) 154 – 158
Zone 5 (Intervals) 159 – 166

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