The right shoes…

Importance of the right Shoes…

As my hikes have been getting longer, I’ve noticed that by the time I’m heading down the hill, my toes are hurting, and I’ve had some pain on the right side of my right foot. As far as shoes go, mine are high quality Merrell hiking shoes; sized as they should be – with room at the end!

I’ve been to different places regarding sponsorships – so we can put on an excellent event while keeping the costs down for participants – and stopped in at Sole Sports Running Stores at their Glendale store (59th Ave & Union Hills). While there, I explained my problem of sore toes and pain as my hikes got longer. It was explained to me (by Irving) that as I hike, my feet swell after about 45 minutes and that it’s important to have enough room in the ‘toe box’ of the shoe to allow for that. If there’s not enough room OR enough ‘give’ to the shoe to allow for that expansion, one could get stress fractures on those long distances.

Irving also gave me the name of Emmet, who works out of the Scottsdale Store, who’s in charge of events/sponsorships… I’m happy to announce that Sole Sports Running Stores are teaming up with 4 Peak Challenge! I’m heading to O.H.S.O. Brewery PV store on Saturday morning (EARLY) to promote our challenge while they’re putting on a 4.6 mile/8.3 mile adventure run sponsored by HOKA , Nathan, Sole Sports, SunBum and O.H.S.O. See also their facebook page here: OHSO PV Trail Run for more info if you’d like to attend! One of the ways they’ll partner with us is to promote our challenge to their ‘friends’.

Back to my shoes. While I was in Scottsdale talking with Emmet (pictured with me), I tried on some shoes. He had me try on a number of different styles from firm to really soft and pillowy!

I ended up getting a NIKE shoe (firm) that had a thin carbide plate in it (I THINK it was carbide… some sort of light-weight steel) to help on rocky trails. And we KNOW that WestWing Mtn is a ROCKY trail! The best thing about these shoes is the wide toe box. I can hike for hours (and I will), without my feet hurting.

The other interesting piece of information: these shoes will probably be worn out shortly after the 4 Peak Challenge; they will last for about 400 miles.

400 miles?

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