This last week wasn’t easy. Every day was a choice to get out there. And every day when I reported my statistics to my coach, I had to choose up-beat words so she wouldn’t get depressed reading about my work-out.

Every day I woke up sore.

It’s not as easy to get up in the morning as it was, when this whole experience was new and exciting. It’s darker. So humid! How do people live with 80% (or more) humidity day in and day out?


I’ve made a commitment to do this. My coach expects me to follow her plan. Full of life or worn out – either way doesn’t matter. The heart monitor gets strapped on, I get dressed and the shoes get laced! Rain (humidity) or shine (blazing hot) doesn’t matter. Out the door I go.

Today I went for my dry-needling appointment with Doug from Foothills PT. (pictures) He’s helping my lower back and sciatica stay under control despite the continued impact of hiking/running on hills and streets. For the first time, I felt the pain of the procedure. We talked about that a bit.

Different things – both physical and emotional can affect the body’s pain receptors, or the capacity to feel pain. Inflammation… Fatigue… Stress… I’m taking the steps to eliminate it! A natural anti-inflammatory. Going to bed on time.

It’s a new day! I’m going to do this! Because I’ve got GRIT! Determination. Perseverance. Passion to do what I say I’ll do.

Tomorrow is a recovery run. Because of the humidity, it’s often a fast walk. (small blessing?) And Wednesday? Intervals. 8 times up the Butt Buster! (My name for the 1st hill on Sunrise Mountain where it says ‘Difficult to Top’)

Yup. I can do this!

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