Fear? Not anymore!…

For a couple of weeks as I’ve done my ‘recovery runs’ through the pathways close to my house, I’ve noticed bunnies scattering as I’ve gotten close. Sometimes there are pairs of bunnies silently watching. Finally, when they can’t stand it anymore, fear takes over and they hop off – one under a fence into a back yard and the other into a field across the street. I’ve wondered whether they ever get back together again…

Today I noticed a coyote watching me – watching him. The bunnies were no where to be seen! I wondered whether the coyote would chase me – and what I would do if it did! I ‘calmly’ watched the coyote through the bushes while he quietly stood watching me.

And I know why the bunnies scatter when they see me coming. They don’t know I wouldn’t hurt them (unless they’re eating my plants in my yard!). But they know what could happen if something bigger than them caught them. Like the coyote.

That’s fear. We’re afraid of what we don’t know. Or afraid of what might happen. Fear keeps us from trying new things, or even getting out of bad situations.

What does this have to do with my running blog?

I’ve let fear of not being perfect keep me from trying things that I think might be impossibly hard for me. Maybe others can do it, but not me. Like this training. I hear of others that run 8 minute miles (or less) and I know that I can’t do that. So am I letting that stop me from doing what I can? Maybe initially. But not anymore!

Small steps towards a goal is progress. I’ve learned that with my training. My coach is helping me retrain my heart not to jump right into anaerobic zones. I’ve always thought ‘no pain, no gain’ – the harder the better! This re-training process feels so slow it has caused me to be fearful that I’m not going to reach my goal of running the 4Peak Challenge.

Not anymore. I’m not a skittish bunny, nor a predator coyote. I’m following the plan my coach has for me and I’m trusting the process! I might be afraid, but working towards a goal, following the plan, is giving me courage!

If you’d ALSO like a plan so you can be courageous enough to hike the 4 Peak Challenge, Jan Howard of Performance Coaching has prepared two levels of training – beginner and advanced – both designed to get you through the 11 miles! The plans start on September 1 through 4 Peak Challenge Day! Check out the plans here 4 Peak Challenge Training Schedules

I challenge you to be courageous! Fear??? NOT ANYMORE!

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