2 Months In…

Today marks the end of two months of training!  My instructions are to “cut back on distance for most of this week to allow some adaptations and recovery to occur”.

It’s another one of those weeks that I have to ‘trust the process’!  Trust that I’m progressing… trust that I’ll make it to my goal… and trust – after more 110 degree days that one morning it won’t already be 85 degrees when I head out to hike or run.

Since I’ve not hiked Humphreys without being totally sore the next day, there is definitely something to be said for those ‘recovery runs’.  I wasn’t sore at all!  (If you missed my blog post last week, it was a challenging hike – see my ‘recovery’ pics on our way home in Sedona!!)


It’s been sort of nice to only be out there 40 minutes and for my ‘long’ hike tomorrow, only one hour.  Or for Saturday, 6 miles instead of 8, like last week.

With 2 ½ months left before my 4 Peak Challenge, this month I’ll be clocking longer distances with back to back hikes/runs of 10 miles each.  I’m going to need to plan for the extra time outside along with making sure my other responsibilities are taken care of.  At this point, I’m not afraid that I won’t be able to complete the challenge; my hope is that I’ll be able to complete it in a respectable time AND to be able to run most of it.  In light of that, I’m looking ahead…

My September schedule is up; I noticed a new word:  “Fartlek”.

Fartlek?    A Swedish word for “speed play”…

Apparently these runs/hikes will allow me more freedom on the trail, less time in “heart rate jail” and the opportunity to have some fun and work on trail running skill.

I can’t imagine.

My job is to read through the instructions carefully and along with this method, I must REALLY respect recovery efforts this month!  I wonder…

I’ll let you know…

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