Forced Rest…

Forced Rest?

It’s finally PERFECT outside!  72 degrees without humidity this morning.

And I’m not out there.  My schedule USED to say that today was a 2 hour hike with lots of elevation change.  I had planned to hike WestWing Mountain and then run to Calderwood Butte and back home.  So exciting, because on these hiking days I don’t have to watch my heart rate.

Tomorrow’s scheduled activity was a 10 mile Recovery Run at an aerobic pace which meant for me, my HR could go up to 145!  HOW EXCITING to finally get to 10 miles!

But that’s not on my schedule anymore, either.

I bet you’re wondering what could be so wrong that my coach would change my schedule, right?

After a very painful left shoulder last weekend, on Tuesday when I went in to work, I was diagnosed with my very 1st case of Shingles.  Shingles?  ‘An acute, painful inflammation of the nerve ganglia, with a skin eruption.  It is caused by the same virus as chickenpox.  These break-outs occur because the immune system is weakened.’

What could have caused my outbreak?  I’m exercising… Eating well… managing my work/life balance… After-all, I’ve been writing about the need for recovery and rest!  How could it have happened to me?

As Jan (my coach) wrote, when I told her about my diagnosis:  “Never underestimate the effects of stress in your life; it’s important to remember that your brain cannot distinguish between mental and physical stress on a physiological level.  In both cases, your sympathetic nervous system is activated and stress hormones are released so it’s super important to respect the life/training balance”.

I thought I was being so good!  But this last week and next week are super busy for me with a trip to Dallas in between for work.  I guess my immune system was more compromised than I thought.  So I will rest as has been suggested.

Jan has assured me that I’m not to worry about my training schedule, that I’ll get back on track and that it sounds like I need a little grace period.  She is confident that if I rest, my body should respond by coming back stronger!

If I don’t rest, and try to push through regular training while under the weather like this, it will likely only set me back more.

The revisions to my schedule include more rest days for this next week. And my 10 mile run? I have the option of doing a 6 mile recovery run either tomorrow or Sunday.   I’m not to worry about the pace.  I’m supposed to enjoy the scenery.  Hmmm.

I think I’ll choose to run in Dallas…  Our hotel is in Las Colinas on the edge of Lake Carolyn in a live/work community.  It’s beautiful.  What could be better than a run along cobblestone pathways alongside canals and tree-covered trails beside the lake?  Below are my pics from my last trip here.


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