Last day of “Forced Rest”…

I didn’t mean to take so much time off of writing.  I guess I took my instructions to heart, to ‘relax’ and not stress.  In reality, I think I was most happy to have more time to read and not rush to get to work because of workouts.  They were still scheduled, but they were much shorter! And I had extra ‘off’ days.

So although I’m back to my full training schedule (as of 3 days now), I still haven’t written a single blog.

But here it is!  I’ve been thinking about it since Friday.  Why Friday, you ask?

I was to hike for 1 ½ hours: power hiking up hills, running on flats and down hills.  I didn’t need to keep an eye on my heart rate, but I was to still have my monitor on to see how I progressed as training went on.

I started my Garmin to ‘run’ as I left my driveway and headed to Calderwood Butte – the first time on that hill since starting training back in July!  I LOVED the run along Jomax to 99th Ave and to the trailhead.  I climbed the hill with ease – the cool weather was so great!  I didn’t fall as I carefully picked my way down the steep part of the backside and picked up the pace as I ran along the flat north side and powered past the bench to meet up with the path to head back down the hill to 99th Ave.

I was feeling fairly relaxed as I headed into the State Land where I would meet up with Lake Pleasant Parkway. Just smug enough that I’d done more running than walking and curious about my Heart Rate.  I flipped through 2 screens to get to the one with my heart rate.  Zeros?!?!

My Garmin wasn’t working!  I stopped my run and thought maybe it would work if I restarted it.  It didn’t.  I touched my HR Monitor on my torso to make sure it was appropriately connected to my skin.  Only to discover that I had forgotten to put it on.  Seriously?

I stood there in shock for a moment. I wondered what to do.  Silly of me, I know.  I HAD to get home. I thought I could just walk home and not worry about my training because I had made a mistake. I couldn’t even restart my 1st run because it had been saved.   But you know what?  NOTHING had changed from the first hour of my training.  Except that I became aware of my lack of HR monitor.  And though I was totally disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to see my heart rate progress, it didn’t change the fact that I was still training!

I started a new run and started to go again.  I chose a pace where I could run comfortably and finished the rest of my time.

I learned something from my mistake.  I wasn’t so driven even though I was totally bummed for not having been ‘perfect’.  I tried to ‘feel’ a better pace regardless of what my watch said.  I learned that I could run farther and more relaxed than I thought I could! And I learned that doing my best no matter who can (or can’t) see the results is always the best.

Next Day?  10 miles. Aerobic Pace.

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