I’ve been doing a lot of selfies; WAY more than usual! Practicing for when I take pics on my training hikes. And you know what I’ve noticed? I don’t smile with ‘big teeth’ like some of my favorite ‘smilers’. Like Teffanie. See her great smiles! She is the 4 Peak Challenge Queen of Registration and all things ORGANIZED!

And when I DO smile on my selfies, my teeth don’t gleam like others’ do. So, I decided to go to my dentist and 3 year 4 Peak Challenge Sponsor to see what I could do. Or rather, what HE could do! Dr. Block and his team at Pavilion Dental weren’t hopeful about my talent with selfies, though they were confident that they could whiten my teeth substantially!


So. Teeth Whitening at the dentist is not for the faint of heart. It is not glamorous. It could even be said that it could be embarrassing if people saw you in that position. And while I’m not submitting my pictures to my church for the #deathtoselfies sermon series (because that would be way TOO embarrassing), I am allowing you, my reader to see the process.

After seeing the pics, you understand, right? And you may ask why anyone would go to Pavilion Dental for Teeth Whitening!?! Let me tell you! My teeth were lightened in 1 hour, in what would take 6 – 8 WEEKS of consistent dedication to do at home. AND they may have not lightened as much at home as they did while in that chair!

I’m convinced! Maggie at Pavilion also gave me a tray with extra bleach so I can use it at home to do touch-ups for when I drink too much coffee or eat those berries that can stain so badly.

Look ahead to me trying to take better selfies (less of me and more of the view). By the time my challenge comes on Nov. 11, HOPEFULLY, I’ll be able to show my improvement!! Both in my TIME for running the mountains and my talent for taking selfies while on the run!

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