This last week Brad (my husband) and I have been in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the church he used to pastor. As I reflect on the celebration of a church that was started 50 years ago, where they are now and the sacrifices people have made over the years to reach this milestone, I am grateful to have been a part of it!!

I realized again how important it is to celebrate milestones! To reflect where we’ve been, what’s been sacrificed for us and by us – it all deserves celebration.

Not that EVERYTHING is hard, but it’s those really difficult things that we’ve struggled through that give the most satisfaction.

On Saturday while still in Canada, I completed 11 miles of jogging! No big elevation changes, but all on concrete or asphalt. Which was tough. I prefer dirt pathways!! I started in the rain with my camelbak strapped on my back. I started feeling a little foolish when NONE of the joggers or walkers I met carried hydration of any sort. Wet and bedraggled, I trudged on – stopping a few times to take pictures. It really was beautiful to see green, water in the rivers and leaves changing color!

I ran along a river where I heard the Canadian geese honking. Aren’t they supposed to be heading to Phoenix? I saw 2 men fishing IN the river – without a boat. On the other side of my path was a golf course where guys quietly and politely golfed in the rain.

And I remembered how I used to be a hardy Canadian too!

I don’t know what happened on this run though. Heading into mile 4 I felt my left hamstring get really tight. I stretched as well as I could and carried on. I tried to decide whether I should stop or carry on. It got somewhat better through mile 9 but then it got worse again. I was unwilling to give up though that had been my thought almost the whole time. Training is also about mental toughness and physical improvement…

Sometimes I wonder whether the mental part is the biggest part…

I made it back to where we were staying, stretched and iced it, took some Advil and carried on with the celebrations at church. Though I haven’t run for two days now. I will try again tomorrow!! And I will see Doug at Foothills Rehab this week!

I’ll let you know how it goes!!


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