Side Lined…

Sunday, Oct 22nd…

I’m just so bummed!!! I just talked to my coach. When I told her that I had bruising all along my hamstring and bruises ‘pooling’ at the back of my knee, she told me to prepare my thinking for NO hiking or running this week. I didn’t have that information when I wrote my blog this morning… I’ll have another one later this week.

It’s hard to see the silver lining in all of this. My coach is suggesting that I postpone my run til at least the weekend of Thanksgiving, since I’m not doing my race on the day of the 4 Peak Challenge anyway. I have to wrap my head around all of this… I will process it all once I talk with my physical therapist tomorrow.

Monday, Oct 23rd Update…

I am so sad to tell you that I have been diagnosed with a tear of my Medial Hamstring. I am off training this week for sure, and will be re-evaluated on Friday. I will most likely NOT be ready for my race on November 11. But as my coach said, since the date of my race is my own, why not wait to run til I’m healthy?

While I am waiting to heal, I will decide when I will run my challenge. I can’t tell you how disappointed I am to have to change from my original plan, but I choose to maintain optimism. Because that’s what athletes do. They learn to deal with disappointments.

…Am I considered an athlete now that I’ve been training for 4 months?

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